Tuesday, April 2, 2013

what is styling?

Some brides/friends/family have been asking me, what exactly does recycled&LOVED do?  What does it mean, you style a shoot or event?  Isn't that the same thing as coordinating it?

Not at all!  Coordination of an event is all about making sure the right people are in the right places at the right time.  This is VITAL for a wedding or large event, and you really need to make sure (as a bride) that you trust your coordinator 110%.

Coordination, however, is not what I do.  I am all about the overall vibe, feel, look, and touch of your wedding or event.  That is what I mean by style.  The stylist of my wedding knew every single inch of my wedding backwards and forwards, and she was given total control of the final "look" on the wedding day.  When I arrived at the wedding venue, she was the one who walked me through each piece of my wedding venue.  I definitely trusted my amazing florist, cake artist, caterer, and coordinator, but at the end of the day, my stylist was the one who knew EXACTLY what I wanted my wedding to feel and look like.

One of my friends had an experience this weekend where she had only hired a coordinator, and this coordinator claimed she could style, coordinate, do the florals, and decorate the entire wedding, no problem.  My friend paid quite a large amount of money for these services, and when she arrived at her wedding venue at 5PM, hair and makeup done, she was devastated to see that NOTHING was set up. Nothing. She told me today, "Kristin, I wish I had you there.  I should have gone with my gut and had you come. I know you would have done an amazing job and turned around the whole feel of the day."

I have had this same conversation with many of my future brides, and I thought it would be great to talk about on the blog. While there may be some people talented enough to pull off coordination AND styling, recycled&LOVED sticks to just the style and rentals piece.  I personally think that a coordinator's job is big enough without having to try and make sure your wedding or event looks amazing as well as flows perfectly.

So, if you already have a coordinator hired, and you just want that extra push to make sure your wedding looks perfect, give me a call.  I am ready for you!

PS.  Speaking of style, check out a sneak peek of a styled shoot I did with Katie Lamb this past week over at her blog....


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